Aqua-Vu HD camera

The Aqua-Vu HD 700i underwater camera system

An underwater camera system is a powerful tool for understanding about the aquatic environment, and for learning to interpret the sonar and imaging views displayed by your fish finder. We make extensive use of Aqua-Vu cameras as we hunt for habitat and fish,  both when ice fishing and during the open water season. In fact, you'll see Aqua-Vu footage featured extensively in out latest instructional video, Angler's Guide to Sonar Interpretation.

This season, we have been employing the new Aqua-Vu HD700i camera, which provides outstanding 720p High Definition underwater video. Here are some examples of how you can use the Aqua-Vu HD 700i to find and catch more fish:

Identify isolated deep structure

In this video, we illustrate the ability of the Aqua-Vu HD700i to conclusively identify an isolated piece of deep water structure. In this case, the structure is a nearly vertical tree, standing upright in 30 feet of water. The western Wisconsin lake where this footage was collected is stained, with overall water clarity less than 3 feet. The camera was 24 feet down, and the infrared LED lighting system was on.

Pike cruising the basin

In this video, we move to central Minnesota to chase bluegills and crappies on a deep, soft-bottom flat. While we caught a bunch, the more compelling aspect of the trip was the number of pike we found, just lounging on or near the bottom. These fish were almost completely unresponsive to a wide variety of live and artificial baits, making me think they were simply resting up between feeding forays into the adjacent shallow weedbeds. This lake is clear, with more than 9 feet of water clarity. The camera was 18 feet down, and the sky was completely overcast. The LED light system was off. Note that the Aqua-Vu HD700i has no trouble picking out the colors of the bait, and the pike, under these conditions. 
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