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Angler's Guide to Sonar Interpretation

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We offer unique, on-the-water perspectives to teach you how to interpret Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and traditional 2D sonar. Each lesson is supported by numerous, interpreted screen captures from lakes, rivers and reservoirs, many of which are supported by underwater video from Aqua-Vu cameras. With help from The Technological Angler, you will learn to interpret all of the information that your fish finder provides, so you can have more fun on the water and enjoy more productive trips. Let the learning begin!

Add a Humminbird Quick Reference Card, tailored specifically to your fish finder (HELIX G2N, HELIX G1, ONIX, or Core system), to ensure that you are using the BEST possible sonar and imaging settings. Our exclusive Quick Reference Cards also include detailed instructions for operating the fish finder and navigating the menu systems, as well as tips for completing many of the most common Humminbird-related tasks. Full color and weather-resistant, these cards belong on every fishing trip!

A comprehensive teaching and learning tool that will help you to quickly and confidently identify structure and fish using Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and traditional 2D sonar. Make critical visual connections between sonar images and the actual underwater objects using an Aqua-Vu underwater camera system. Includes a detailed analysis of many different types of natural and artificial structure, lessons on fish identification, opportunities to practice your skills and even sonar puzzlers. Also included are hardware setup tips and sonar settings for peak sonar and imaging performance. Optimized for Humminbird HELIX, but the sonar interpretation skills apply to any fish finder! Approx. 60 minutes on DVD video.

Full contents list for Angler's Guide to Sonar Interpretation
  • Side Imaging fundamentals
    • Bright vs. dark
    • Sonar Shadows
  • Sonar and Imaging interpretation
    • Weeds
    • Timber/wood
    • Rocks
    • Man-made objects
    • Thermoclines
    • Algae blooms
    • Fish
    • Spawning colonies/beds
  • Humminbird hardware and software configurations
    • Multi-transducer setup and connections
    • Sonar and imaging setup
      • Side Imaging menu settings and recommendations
      • Down Imaging menu settings and recommendations
      • Traditional 2D sonar settings and recommendations
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