Vol 1: Success with Side Imaging

The Technological Angler, Volume 1
Success with Side Imaging
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Winner of the 2014 AGLOW Excellence in Craft award for TV-Fishing. 
This 100% on-the-water field guide will teach you to use Humminbird® Side Imaging® to identify structure and fish. We cover bass, walleye, and panfish associated with weed, rock, and wood in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. No matter where you fish or what you fish for, this instructional DVD will help you find and catch more fish.
Segment 1: Hard vs. Soft bottoms (panfish)
Using LakeMaster maps; distinguishing hard vs. soft bottom with Side Imaging; finding hidden microstructure
Segment 2: Understanding rocks (bass and walleyes)
Studying rock bars and rock-sand transitions using Side Imaging; differentiating between small and large rocks
Segment 3: Studying off-shore structure (bass and walleyes)
Using LakeMaster maps; identifying structure on mid-lake humps using Side Imaging 
Segment 4: Early season weed edges (bass and walleyes)
Finding weed edges using Side Imaging; dropping waypoints along edges for future reference. 
Segment 5: Mid-season weed beds (bass)
Identifying key features of mid-season weed beds (edges, points, inside turns) using Side Imaging; dropping waypoints for future reference. 
Segment 6: Rigging and Installation
Key aspects of a professional Humminbird installation by Skeeter Boat Center.
Segment 7: Man-made structure (bluegills)
Studying wingdams on large rivers using Side Imaging and 360 Imaging. 
Segment 8: Identifying fish (multispecies)
Using Side Imaging to locate and identify fish. Distinguishing between bottom-oriented and suspended fish. Making informed fishing decisions.
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